When ‘Narrow-Minded’ Works

Creativity brands are not born from white boards or blue skies, but from narrow thoughts.

This is not our original theory. It’s an indisputable fact delivered to us from The Universe. The Big Bang. The Higgs Boson “God Particle.” Our own DNA. Everything big and wondrous and complex starts off tiny.

Brands are no different.

At SRH, we think of ourselves very narrowly. Sure, we produce videos and websites and social media, but that’s not our narrow mission.

Our core service is simple: we help brands to discover ‘why they matter to their customers’ and then we create cinematic and emotional stories to deliver this message to the world.

This is the narrow mission SRH will never walk away from, no matter how technology changes.

But you don’t want your brand to be narrow. You do all sorts of stuff. You make all sorts of stuff. For all sorts of people. You can’t possibly articulate everything you do and why all those things matter in one simple statement. What if you want to add more products and services in the future? Then what? You will be imprisoned by this dumb little thought that’s so… narrow.

No, you will not. In fact, you will feel liberated because once you’ve defined this mission—simply and narrowly—you’ll find that “tough choices” are not so tough any more. Rather, every decision is merely a matter of asking, “Does this pay off our brand promise?” If it does, go for it. If it doesn’t, scrap it.

Great brands make great sacrifices.

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