“Before we invest millions in another media buy, we want to make sure we’re hitting the right people with the right message. Please do this quickly and use minimal budget.” This was the challenge put forth to us by Urban Pie, an emerging premium pizza brand developed by one of the largest frozen pizza manufacturers in the midwest.


Our mantra is “Don’t guess. Test.” So when we received this challenge we developed three unique creative platforms and tested them online – yes, much like digital focus group. How did we do it? First, we created highly targeted social media campaigns to test and validate each different concept with our core audiences. Second, we used social analysis tools to determine a winning concept and identify the most lucrative audiences.


With a nimble approach and lean testing budget, we reached 3 million viewers and nearly 1.5 million viewed the ads, establishing a 50% view rate. We retargeted engaged viewers and created customer profiles – who the Urban Pie customer is, where they live, what they love, and most importantly, where they live online.

We created a new ad based on the winning concept:

Once we knew who the customer was, and which content inspired them to take action – we efficiently scaled our approach through an integrated digital campaign across Hulu, Buzzfeed, Facebook and more.

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